I guess I was asking for it

Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 22:19 | Posted in web tests | 1 Comment

I guess I got what was bound to come. That is what you tend to get when agreeing to answer any number of questions just with a yes or a no.

via Punane Hanrahan

Your result for The Sexual HELL Test…


Raw score: 71%

You’re just about as deep in sexual hellfire as a person can get. Virtually no urge, however demented, will go ungratified; practically no boundary will go uncrossed. You’re probably proud of your adventurousness, and, honestly, you should be. Few people are confident enough to pursue pleasure on their own terms.

Your morals could sink a bit further, sure, but it’s likely that you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re into and what you would do…above all you’re honest with yourself with what you want. If more people were honest with themselves, you’d have a lot more company down in the flames.

AVOID: the lost souls in sexual heaven and (above all) the denizens of sexual purgatory. You don’t need any prudes or wishy-washers in your life.

Take The Sexual HELL Test at HelloQuizzy

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