German social democrats in turmoil

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Business is not as usual  within Germany’s second largest party SPD. The social democrats have been in crisis since former chancellor Gerhard Schröder resigned after 2005 federal election to get a lucrative job as head of the shareholders’ committee of Nord Stream AG lobbying for the controversial oil pipeline to be planted in the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Party leader Kurt Beck unexpectedly threw in the towel and resigned for a week ago. Beck is the third party chairman to quit within three years.

As if that was not trouble enough, the SPD leader in the state of Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti, was subjected to a practical joke by voice inpersonator Jochen Krause who, working for Radio ffn, called her office pretending to be Franz Müntefering, a prominent SPD politician. Ypsilanti and the phoney Münterfering spoke party business for seven minutes before Krause exposed himself. The radio station agreed not to broadcast the prank call.

However, parts of the conversation were apparently uploaded in YouTube and later deleted, much to the dismay of some curious web commentators. It has been brought to my attention that  an mp3 file (1 minute and 45 seconds) allegedly containing the beginning of the prank call may be downloadable in a secure server.

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