The show is about to begin

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A quick look at Sherry Whitstine’s blog makes Sarah Palin look like a bleeding heart liberal. That puts the Wasilla blogger even further away from my values than Ms. Palin is. However, that does not change what I have always believed: I strongly disagree with you but I would go to far lengths in order to defend your right to disagree with me.

Displaying Sarah Palin exactly as a bleeding heart liberal seems to be much of a mission of Sherry Whitstine’s blog. In her so far latest post she throws the following at the Alaska governor:

Where’s the good  and positive fruit Sarah?  Sarah has produced nothing that resembles a good faithful conservative. She’s not a small government gal,  She has shown NO high ethical standard of duty to the state or community. Sarah’s  legacy is vindictiveness, obstructionist and hatred for anyone who may appear to have another answer. You are honored and praised if you are in agreement – You are demonized and minimized if you do not agree.

That I can relate to up to an amount. As far as “Sarah’s legacy” is concerned, I would call it an accurate description. As for most other content of the blog, I respectfully beg to disagree but I would defend the author’s right to make her case.

If it is true what I read in NYT that Sherry received a call from the governor’s assistant Ivy Frye four mounths ago saying: “You should be ashamed! Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!”, then I would say that I am worried about John McCain: how could he have a judgement bad enough to pick a running mate like that?

I do assume senator McCain was aware of governor Palin’s background. Because if he was not, how could anybody trust him to make adequate decisions based on the intelligence he would have access to as a president if he is unable to make a simple background research about his own VP?

While the presidential campaigns have been extraordinary so far, I have a hunch that the show is just about to begin. I have no idea what the dirt departments of each party and candidate are going to produce during these remaining weeks. I am going to keep an eye on this entertainment although not full time. There is the small detail of casting a vote myself on 26 October on a ballot where I, unlike the US election, am eligible to vote. And I have not made up my mind yet.

By the way, I enjoyed reading Emer’s post about the American presidential election although I did not agree to 100 %. Close enough, though.


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