Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 19:36 | Posted in e-mail, internet, spam | 6 Comments

The owner of provides spam mail services but does not want to receive spam himself. Which is why I ask everybody not to publish the address in their blogs. Publishing the address would be an unfriendly act against a major spammer so please do not publish it.



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  1. I promise I won’t publish on my site, if you meant But I have to be sure that you meant, and not anything simiarl to

  2. And of course I got, so I’ll just asure you again that I won’t publish in any way anywhere without being sure that was what you meant, and nothing similar to

  3. Correct! The address not to be published is Alas, please do not publish

  4. I think I get it, but lemme be sure: it’s, that we shouldn’t publish, right? Because if I didn’t want spam to go to, then I really should publish some other address besides

    I think whomever is behind would really appreciate that I didn’t write, because that means would be getting unwanted spam.

    We wouldn’t want that to happen to Spam is bad.

  5. Publishing could indeed trigger spam mail to which do not want because they like to send spam, not receive it themselves. I am glad that so many good people around the blogosphere are doing their best to save from all that spam.

  6. Hilarious. I love Mikko Hyponnen.

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