War and peace

Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 1:11 | Posted in languages | 3 Comments

On point of view of military troops deployed in fighting there is hardly a difference if you call what they are involved in a war or something else. As their options on the ground limit to killing the enemy or getting killed, it is a war as far as the troops are concerned. However, paragraph twisters may have a different view.

StoiBär posts a link to a radio interview (mp3 file, BR 2) with Andreas Paulus, professor of international right in Göttingen University. I am sure professor Paulus has an opinion about what German troops in Afghanistan experience as a war but I am not quite sure if he thinks it is a war or not. I am inclined to agree with StoiBär that there is a connection with my earlier post about banning the German language.

I also agree with a comment added to a post in Buchstaeblich seltsam that lawyers can produce ununderstandable sentences in any language but the structure of German language combined with the notorious concept of Deutsche Gründlichkeit makes that lingo an outstanding source of headaches which should be banned as a health hazard. Mind you, now I managed to write an almost mile long sentence myself.


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  1. So sorry! German Gründlichkeit is a little contagious. 😉
    In fact, lots of us hate this kind of Anwalt-communication and I fear, it really needs a lot of law to stop it. They won’t stop it as long it’s not forbidden.

    Maybe you feel better with Germany when I tell you, that I am an absolute lousy housewife, and “German Gründlichkeit” is a Fremdwort for me in most parts of my life? Except language, of course: Language is my toy. German Language. My English is as lousy as my housewife skills are.

  2. You are just being modest.

    The idea of legislating against legal abuse of the language sounds cute. I can just imagine the amount of legal language abuse contributed to challenge such a legislation. 🙂

  3. Oh, I would love to read the million-word-letters of the honorable lawyers, written in Juristendeutsch, to protest against legal language!
    Especially when I think about the price of toilet-paper!

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