An excellent consession speech

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 7:30 | Posted in Election, Politics, USA | 3 Comments
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It is no secret where my sympathy has been in the US presidential election so I am naturally more than happy with the outcome. That said, I must give Senator John McCain strong credit for the best consession speech I remember having ever heard. I am naturally submitting my congratulations to president-elect Obama but I want to use this space to post all of Sen McCain’s speech. I wish him all the best.



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  1. Strange thing, I also went for Obama. But today I feel a little sad that we’ll never see John McCain as president. The reason for me saying so is the totally different approach he has had to the relationship between him and Obama. He’s shown a great deal of grace and decency, and though I don’t agree with him, I believe that grace and decency would have been a couple of the marking words that would have followed him.

  2. His time would have been eight years ago, sad as it is. A 72 year old male cancer surviver has statistically about 25 % odds not to finish a four year term in which case it would have been Mrs. Palin.

  3. I Watched this speech in its entirety only now, thank you for that. And 100% agreed with you, McCain deserves every respect for what he says here.

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