Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 19:37 | Posted in e-mail, Not serious | 2 Comments

Margaret complained yesterday that German Mail have raised the postage of a letter to EU countries outside Germany and there is no 15 cent stamp to add to old 50 cent stamps to easily cover the difference. I pointed out that e-mail can still be sent without any stamp whatsoever. Or can it?

Maybe I should actually attatch a stamp to my letters, just to be on the safe side. Otherwise I might be considered to have “an dangerously relaxed attitude to risk“.



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  1. Excellent idea – I think I’ll follow up, if not people are scared away by what they see…

  2. A “stamp” like that completed with my full e-mail address could be a part of a signature but it would only work with recipients whose mail client supports HTML. Others would just see the tag.

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