My bowling alley demolished

Friday, November 28, 2008 at 23:12 | Posted in Germany | 4 Comments

I have bowled once in my life. I pretty much enjoyed it and I did not do bad for a beginner. It was in East Berlin 1979.

I was there in my capacity of then vice chairman of the City of Helsinki Youth Board. The bowling along with large amounts of beer took place in what used to be the Palace of the Republic, a brand new building at the time. We also had a fancy dinner in one of the restaurants.

The palace, which for me was above all a bowling alley and a venue of eating and drinking, also used to accomodate the so called parliament of the communist East Germany. The building is now being demolished partly because it is heavily contaminated by asbestos. The BBC has the story.


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  1. Partly demolished? Well, we got done tearing it down just yesterday.

    Anyone interested in a pile of rubble? Contains valuable asbestos, the number one choice in flame-retardant materials.

  2. I believe the palace was totally demolished, not partly demolished. It was totally demolished partly because of the asbestos but there may have been other reasons as well.

    You can keep the rubble with asbestos but I would not mind another bowling session with large amounts of beer.

  3. Can Do!

    Do expect the alleys to have a few scratches, tho’ ūüėČ

  4. […] Palees s√∂√∂mas, joomas ja keegli m√§ngimas. See hoone on muide suure asbestikoguse t√Ķttu hiljuti lammutatud. Samas palees oli majutatud ka DDR parlament; ei tea kas endised saadikud v√Ķivad n√ľ√ľd […]

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