Too old to change

Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 13:15 | Posted in e-mail, internet | 2 Comments

I have used GMail as my primary mail box since April 2004 which is why I have a bit of an expectation of what the interface should look like. Adding optional themes may be cool for new users but now that I have tried different themes for a couple of weeks, I just returned to Classic. Every time I went to the webmail interface it looked like I had cracked in to somebody else’s mail account.

It could have been otherwise if the optional themes had been there from the beginning. I guess you can not teach an old dog how to bark.



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  1. Can’t configure Thunderbird to talk POP with gmail, eh?

    Kids these days.


    BTW, they claim they talk IMAP, too. Doesn’t work for me, all hints appreciated.

  2. I actually use Thunderbird POP as the first option and visit the webmail interface only for a reason such as digging archives or being away from my regular computer. I tried IMAP for a while but it did not work well. The application tends to crash too often if you use a sound file notification of incoming mail.

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