A matter of security

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 15:55 | Posted in e-mail, internet | 3 Comments

If you had reason to believe that somebody’s e-mail has been compromised and your only means of warning them about it would be e-mailing them, how would you go about? You could not just tell them about your suspicions because that would be most helpful for the suspected crackers. You could, of course, try to reach your friend some other way but what would you do if that were not possible?

This is not a hypotethical question, I am afraid.



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  1. …”that would be most helpful for the suspected crackers”- not necessarily.
    U can make fake mail account for example in thunderbird (like larko@wordpress.com ūüėČ ) and send warning to this “somebody”.
    Did I undestood the problem?

    Sent you a test mail.

  2. emmm – or do You mean that crackers can just steal the warning message?

  3. Send them a message asking them to call or text you.

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