Premature closure

Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 18:12 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet | 1 Comment

Who would not like to get the best job in the World? Basically a six month well paid vacation for a blogger. It is not quite a matter of life or dead to get the job but I thought I would make a try, just for the kicks of it, so I attempted to submit an application.

It says right here that the deadline for applications is on 22nd February 2009 at 2359 UTC. That is tomorrow midnight. I tried twice to upload an application today 21st February around 1530 UTC, which is about 32 and a half hours before deadline and received this error message:

Like I said, it is not a VERY BIG deal but it would have been fair to let people apply within the announced time frame. I did put some work for the required video so I am a bit more than annoyed. But it is not the end of the World.

Edit: About 24 hours and 45 minutes before the announced deadline, the error message has been changed. It now looks like this:

Apparently, there is a small print somewhere saying that they can close early if the number of applications reaches 30.000. However, that statement is not where you would reasonably read. And the error message appears only after you have filled in the form, attatched your video and photo and attempted to submit.

As I wrote here, I would not feel bad at all if they had thrown my application in the waste basket (I would not even have known if they did) but I feel really pissed off that they do not even let me submit it.

Edit: The age of miracles is not over yet! Shortly after midnight UTC I saw a tweet of Gueensland:

Further information will come shortly, but applications are still being accepted. Visit to apply

Upon which I rushed to the site and made another (I guess about 30th) frustrated attempt to submit my application. I almost dropped down from my chair as I saw this:

So for all it may or may not matter, my application has been filed. As there probably are about 30.000 or more of them I do not expect anything else to happen than the application landing in the trash box but I feel much better for at least theoretically having a chance. After all, I know I am the best person for the job even if everybody else has a good reason to think the opposite. ūüôā


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