Applications closed for good

Monday, February 23, 2009 at 3:29 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet | Leave a comment

I was somewhat frustrated on Saturday for not being able to upload my application for the best job in the World. The applications were apparently prematurely closed due to a script as 30.000 applications had been entered. Looks like that happened at night local time and the applications were subsequently reopened as the good folks of Queensland Tourism returned to their posts. I managed to upload my application shortly after midnight UTC yesterday.

As the pre-announced deadline fell for about an hour ago, the applications are definitely closed. At least 34.000 persons have filed an application so there is certainly a hard competition to the 50 applications to be short-listed. The server must have been under a heavy load since reportedly 4000 applications were submitted during the last hours.

Even if my chances to proceed are practically nil I am still glad to have participated in this event. All of us 34.000 plus applicants can make a claim that we were considered for the best job in the World. Nobody can take that away from us even if the actual consideration did not last more than five seconds.

Whether you applied to the job or not, you are welcome to join the Island Caretaker community if you are interested in following the enterprise. Here is my profile page in the community. Thanks, Susie, for kicking it off.

Now that Queensland has shown that a new sort of approach in tourism promotion gets this kind of a huge response among the worldwide blogosphere, I would imagine somebody else to follow suite. I am definitely going to keep an eye on similar gages. If it is not outright North Pole or something like that, I would be inclined to apply even for a smaller salary than 150.000 Australian dollars for a six month contract.

That said, investing in me as a full time blogger would give any organisation value for their money. What I am trying to say is do not hesitate to make me an offer if you want to get something done different than you are used to doing. ūüôā


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