German Wahl-O-Matic is mostly entertainment

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 21:07 | Posted in Election, eu, Politics | 2 Comments

Web based surveys where voters can compare their views with those of parties have been around in Finland for years. I have never given the turnouts any consideration when actually making up my mind but I have nevertheless taken all the surveys available. I take it as a form of entertainment.

I did two Finnish surveys on the election of the EU Parliament earlier today and received mixed results as expected. For a moment ago I detected (via StoiBär) a German survey which I thought would be cool to take for comparison. It caught my eye right away that the German version gave less options: just yes, abstain or no. In the Finnish queries the options were more diverse: completely or partialy in favor or against and abstaining.

The German questions were also more of an extreme nature. Some of them were more or less unrealistic as well. No party would seriously suggest that Germany should step out of the EU or abandon euro and reintroduce the German mark. At least I as a voter would not take such a party seriously.

For some odd reason, you are only allowed to compare your results with eight of the 29 participating parties at a time. This is what I received when comparing with the eight parties currently represented in the European Parliament:

Adding the Pirates (which I would vote for in Germany) and removing CSU (which I would definitely not vote for) I got this result:

As I said, not a very adequate image of my actual preferences. Great entertainment, just the same.



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