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A couple of years ago I received an invitation from a friend to join Tagged. I was not very much for increasing my social network activities at the time but I thought I could give it a chance and joined. Found a couple of other friends ahead but my Tagged contacts today are but a fraction of those in Facebook and Twitter. Besides, I have contact, and I mean real contact, with everybody listed as my friend in Tagged through several other channels but all I ever get through Tagged is a load of spam.

Not a day goes by without at least one e-mail notification of a spammy message through Tagged. On worse days, like today, there could be about 10-15 of them. Most of the time it appears to be sent by somebody who says they have “seen my profile and fallen in love”. The alleged senders would be young enough to be my daughters unless they in reality were robots.

The rest of the spam mail is what is generally called Nigerian scam letters. One such today was the last drop into my bowl of patience. On top of 10-15 “Afro-Asian love letters” I received “a solid business propotition” from somebody whose picture displayed an elderly American or European gentleman. They chose to address me as “My Dear”!

This was where I decided that enough is enough and I am quitting. I found the “cancel account” button in my account settings and pushed it with joy. Just to get this:

Well, I am happy to lose a profile that spam robots keep falling in love with. I have plenty of copies of the couple of photos I have ever uploaded and as I said, I have good and clean channels to keep in touch with the handful of Tagged friends I have. I even see some of them in person from time to time so they are not likely to be “permanently lost” if I hit the “Submit” button.

Which is what I did. Only to be encountered by a password prompt! Never ever have I been prompted to enter my password when I have reported those messages as spam (for little good, though) because I have never logged out and never bothered to delete their cookies. So now they insist that I enter my password when I want to have nothing more to do with them!

Of course I did not remember the password so I needed to take the trouble to search it. Not a big deal but still a last annoyance to get rid of Tagged. Having bravely entered my password they have the nerve to throw a survey at me:

I did not bother to tell what they could do to improve themselves. I spared that detail for this post: EAT DIRT! YOU ARE FIRED!


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