I am independent

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 16:47 | Posted in web tests | 2 Comments

This test tells me that I am independent and I put a great value on freedom. Not that I would not have known it but the description is pretty accurate. Come to think of it, I am more and more getting to like the Bolgthings tests.

You Need Freedom

You need to have full control of your life. You must make your own choices and decisions.

Your confidence and self-esteem comes from being independent. It’s very important that no one tells you what to do.

You don’t do well with rules, responsibilities, or commitment. You’re not flaky, but you do need flexibility.

You may not always exercise your freedom, but you need to know it’s there. Just feeling constrained constrains you.

What Do You Need Most?


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  1. And I suppose that the image adjoining the text is your self portrait?

  2. Could be but it is not. I am juuust a little bit, hmm, steadier than that. Heavier? All right, fatter. ūüôā

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