A Baltic vision

Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 1:30 | Posted in Estonia | 4 Comments
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In this clip the Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves uses five minutes efficiently by putting into a nutshell how the three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have changed and how the whole World has changed during the last 20 years. He appeared together with his Latvian and Lithuanian counterparts in Riga in the final session of Transatlantic Agenda 2010 A Baltic Vision.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom.

  2. They are worth a pint of good beer, Knut ūüôā

  3. Very interesting clip. I take it from a remark he made, and his flawless American English, he was raised in the US? And now he has become president of Estonia? That can’t happen in US, must be born and raised in US as citizen. Although there are some current questions about the authenticity of Obama’s birth location. At any rate, he seems a wise, knowledgeable and moral man. We should do so well for a president here, we can’t seem to get all three qualities in one person at the same time.

  4. Mr. Ilves was born in Sweden where his parents fled from Estonia as the Soviet forces where in the process of occupying Estonia. They moved to US where he was indeed raised.

    If I am not very mistaken the Estonian constitution says that the president must be a citizen not less than 40 years old. As I understand it, even naturalized citizens qualify. However, children of Estonian refugees born during the occupation are regarded as born citizens as soon as hey claim their citizenship.

    Mr. Ilves was head of the Estonian desk in Radio Free Europe and as Estonia regained the independence he was appointed the Estonian ambassador in US, Canada and Mexico. He then became the Foreign Minister and was later elected to the European Parliament with a record braking portion of the votes. He was in the EP when elected to president. His full CV is here.

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