I trust this guy

Monday, April 26, 2010 at 22:26 | Posted in eu, Politics, USA | 2 Comments

It is easy to say that all politics and all government is bad and should not exist. Well, how about murdering your neighbour because there was no law to prohibit killing a neighbour? Or would you like your wife, sister, or daughter to be raped because there is no government to enforce a law that says it is a crime?

Most of my American friends who oppose president Obama have said that they want less government. I tend to agree with my friends. Not only America but most countries in the World need less government.

We Europeans need either less or more powers to be handed to a European government. If the European commission wants to get more to say about, we need a democratic union, whereby all of the present 27 member countries are all but states. It would be democratic but probably not politically correct, far less possible to achieve.

I do not even remember the name of the guy who is supposed to be the president of Europe. Why should I? He has nothing to say and nothing to say about.

I do know that I like president Obama. That guy I trust 🙂



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  1. Trust Obama? No, nay, never, no never no more. As I’ve mentioned to you before, I have no personal animosity toward Obama. He seems likable on the surface – gosh, he drank a beer with a coupla guys arguing, how cool is that? But I don’t know much about him personally. Actually, no one else does either. Difficult to put my trust in the president of my country when I don’t know anything about him. His book? No thanks, it’s his opinion of himself and how he’d like to appear to me.

    But I do know actions speak louder than words. What he has done so far is spend almost a trillion dollars in a job stimulus program that stimulated very little. And that money has to be paid back.

    He has railroaded a terribly broken healthcare reform bill to passage so that 30 million uninsured will “finally” get health insurance. Laudable, but the bill is founded on unsustainable projections, half-truths and misrepresentations. Reform? Hardly. No, it’s more like a Kafka-esque joke and the punch line won’t arrive for another four years yet.

    The GM and big bank bail-outs, a noble and well-meaning effort to save the USA from a depression. Unfortunately, the country went into an economic tailspin anyway and the government ended up owning and controlling a great portion of the wealth of this country. I say far better to have let the miscreant businesses fail as any poorly run business should and will. There are millions of entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized firms itching at a chance to become the next big thing. Let them emerge from the rubble of the failed giants – that is truly the American way.

    I fear people have simply invested or projected their fondest hopes and dreams onto a pandering demagogue. Maybe I’d trust him more if he sat down with you and I in the Whitehouse garden for a beer.

  2. Pat, anything any president has done has prompted criticism whereby yours is more or less reasonable. Only the history will eventually tell if you were right or not. Roosevelt was also subjected to heavy criticism at the time but he turned out to be right. The same goes for president Reagan who today has the unique record of having destroyed communism.

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