Open letter to president Obama

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 12:57 | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Mr. President,

thank you for sending me all those e-mails through I subscribed to them all by myself and I can not blame you for spamming. Nevertheless, I have a couple of issues to talk about.

It is not that I would get too much of your mail. Not too little either. You seem to have a good balance between sending too much or too little.

The actual senders or those who I am supposed to believe are the actual senders are generally well marked. That said, when my inbox suggests that I have a letter from vice president Biden I do not think that the VP wrote that letter in person. At least he did not type it and he probably never checked the list of addressees who have opted out. I hope somebody else did.

Your secretaries of state are a frequent lot to send letters. Since I already know they did not write those letters in person I would prefer that they were signed by the persons who actually wrote them. It is a question of honesty. Can you fix that, Mr. President?

Mr President, it is a bit hard to talk to the leader of Free World about his spouse. But if you excuse me, I would rather receive notices about your whereabouts and doings than those of Mrs. O. The same goes for the vice president and doctor Biden. You and the VP elected the women you married but they were never on the ballot.

Mr President, I have heard that there is another party in the U S of A. Apparently they have something to do with a mammal that does not even exist in your part of our globe. I hope donkeys do.

Mr President, much of the mail I receive under your name is focused on re-electing you. What a waste that is. I can not vote for you although I would want to. Why don’t you send that stuff to those who are eligible to vote and are not sure yet.

One more point, Mr President. After your inauguration the White House suddenly appeared in the World Wide Web. That is good but did you have to do it the old way? I hardly need to explain this, it would be under estimating your intelligence.

Mr President, I shall be back in four years to review how you have improved during your second term. But do by all means not wait till then. You have the power to make things happen now rather than appearing to happen which you have done hitherto.

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