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Anybody can acquire extra income by showing ads through an affiliate marketing network in their website, blog, e-mail list or messages in their social media networks. The income may even be good if you put an effort in it, working hard and consistently. For an avergae blogger, though, the money earned could likely be something you could by coffee for or just purchase something extra that you might not want to buy using the money from your regular income.

Affiliate marketing is different from regular web marketing in that the advertiser pays for a result they get from their ads being shown by affiliates. There is an affiliate network between the advertiser and the publisher. They deal with the advertiser and the affiliate gets the ads to be shown through the network. This makes it easy and comfortable for the publisher. has been around in Central and Eastern Europe for some years and they are now rapidly expanding their operations in Northern Europe, especially in Finland, Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. There are several active CPA campaigns as I write this directed to the Nordic market.

The income to be earned for showing these ads varies between tens of cents and several euros for  a lead, closed transaction or whatever the adjusted result is fixed for in each individual campaign.

As a publisher it is up to you to decide which ads you want to show in your website. You are the best person to judge what your regular readers may be interested in and thus likely to bring you revenue.

If you want to try out affilate marketing in the affiliate network you can join by clicking here. If you do join up I am asking you to use specifically this link.

Full Disclosure: I do co-operate with and publishing this post may affect my economic interests.


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  1. Yes, But it all about traffic.

    • Yes, Glo, in the sence that when your revenue as a publisher depends on result, not just showing the ad, there is a bigger chance for result, the bigger the traffic is. But it all comes to terms of a specific campaign. There are campaigns that pay out a nice comission for a lead, a sale, a loan application or any other specific result determined in advance. In these cases you do not necessarily need to have a killer traffic on your site (although it would be helpful 🙂 ). In fact, most of the campaigns have terms like this, which means you can reach decent results even if your site is not quite as popular as NBC News.

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