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The site More shameless remarks by Larko is partly a mirror of my Multiply site Larko’s shameless remarks. Both sites are going to have individual content, though. I am not going to copy all of the old stuff from Multiply and I am going to make fresh posts at both sites.

Why did I start another English language blog although I already have one which is working reasonably well? For two reasons. Although it works reasonably well, there is always something that could be done better. And I am anxious to learn how to use the WordPress platform to my best satisfaction. Not even an old timer like me is too old to pick up some new tricks.

I have blogs in other languages as well (see links in the template) that I update with varying density. I try to make a point of only blogging while sober. It tends to result in better posts. But once in a while I just feel a bit thirsty and accordingly stay away from my blogs a few days. But I am following the current events all the time so everything will eventually catch my eye.

While travelling to Estonia (which happens once or twice a month) my web presence is somewhat limited but I am reachable by e-mail and also make occasional posts to my various sites.

If there is anything you like to say about my posts – good or bad – you are welcome to drop a comment or indeed a track back if you are writing about it in your own blog. But please do not enter spam comments or track backs. I hate deleting those and I am going to install Akisment anyway.


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  1. wow…you have much blogs which you are writing

  2. I have learned a great deal from the posts on bloggers and their legal difficulties in Germany. I would like to ask you a few questions – if you have the chance to email me I’d be grateful.

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