What shall we do with the drunken soldier?

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Two Russian soldiers were close to missing their unit’s pullback from Georgia, Reuters reports. The drunken soldiers spent the night in custody of the Georgian police after being driving around in a car. They were handed over to the Russian troops.

A Georgian police officer told Reuters the soldiers were detained late on Tuesday while driving a car in the Kareli region of Georgia, west of Karaleti.

He said they had been drinking heavily, and asked the arresting officers: “Where are we?”

I am not the least surprised.

What shall we do with the drunken athlete?

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Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov apparently had a few too many in Lausanne.

Hurrah for Irish whiskey

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I just read an exellent article in Guardian by Jack Arnott. He has been tasting Irish whiskey. Incidentally, I am in possession of a diploma issued by Bushmill’s. It stipulates that I am a qualified taster of Irish whiskey. 🙂

Crazy Norwegians

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Knut Albert advices that some Nowegian pubs ask as much as 10 € for a 0,5 liter portion of lager beer. And strange as it may sound, most people are happy to pay. A beer lover’s nightmare!

One would think that with a beer price like that Norway would be bound to be on the door step of a revolution. Either that or people must have a well developed culture of brewing their beer at home. Asking 10 € for a beer may be smart business but paying such a price is just crazy.

Red card for the referee

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Question from Belarus: what shall we do with the drunken sailor referee?

Hung over in London

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Thousands of Londoners apparently had a heavy party during the weekend. There is no doubt something very British about organizing a binge drinking party to celebrate the introduction of an alcohol ban in the underground. One might ask, though, if it was worth the hangover and indeed if any point at all was made and if so, was there any point in it?

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Cheers, Nova Scotia!

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Nova Scotians are for the first time allowed to drink in bars and night clubs on the so called Good Friday today. New legislation in effect as from last summer allows pubs to have open:

Previously, anyone wishing to drink in public had to order alcohol at an eating establishment, and the cost of the drink was not allowed to be more than the cost of the food consumed.

While legislators have recognized that not everybody in a secular society shares the religious values of the majority, some commentators seem to have hard time swallowing that others may want to swallow a pint or three at any given day:

Why are we as a society so blind to the fact that this continual devaluing of our religious holidays has a direct affect on the morals and values displayed on a daily basis in our society. What message does this send to especially our young people and children? 

As far as I understand, the new Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act does not force anybody to go out for a pint but just allows doing so. If I did not miss something very essential, the author of the quoted comment is still free to excercise her religious and moral believings. Why would she want to impose her believings on others?

Cheers! 🙂

Keeping things clean

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Are there some nasty finger prints or grease stains on your computer screen? Do you need help to clean the screen? You may want to try this screen cleaner.

Me? No thanks. I think I am going to stick with plain vodka. That way I’ll be able to reward myself by drinking the leftovers after a completed cleaning effort.

via Laurie

Cheers, Obama!

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Kenyans are honoring their favorite son and celebrating his latest successes in presidential primaries by drinking loads of Senator beer, nicknamed as Obama beer.

via Beer Activist

Shame on that low score

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I should not have taken this test while sober. The low score is a disgrace.

via Kati


Prodi lost confidence vote

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Italian PM Romano Prodi lost a vote of confidence in the Italian senate. This Reuters footage shows an odd scene with oppositional senators celebrating the outcome by opening bottles of champagne in the chambers!

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The first hangover

Friday, January 4, 2008 at 2:49 | Posted in Alcohol, Personal | 4 Comments

It took me eight fucking hours to get rid of this year’s first hangover. I did not even get that hangover from a new year party. I was sober 36 hours in to the new year.

At the new year’s eve I did not have a drop of alcohol in the house. Since the clowns that have been given the authority to act as legislators here have in their unlimited wisdom decided that no commerce is allowed on new year’s day, I was unable to buy any booze before January 2nd. By noon I had a large quantity of vodka and beer and I made use of my constitutional right to get drunken.

It was as nice to be a drunken sailor this year as it was last year and all my adult years before that. I eventually ended up sleeping in my bed as I usually do. I went to bed alone but woke up with somebody who was not here when I hit the sack. I had a hangover.

So the first words I said after waking up were “Vade retro, Satana”. Did the bastard listen and comply? No way.

Having used my constitutional right to buy alcoholic beverages in an amount covering not only my need to get drunken but also my desire to get cured I started to make arrangements to get rid of my uninvited guest. I drank several rounds of vodka. I also emptied a number of bottles of beer. I had a steady breakfast of grilled sausage, potato salad and eggs. But the bastard would not go away.

I was almost out of any hope. After about eight hours and still feeling hung over I happened to read a blog post written by my good Texan friend Laurie. She named me among a number of persons allegedly having helped her to get 100K page views to her blog. While I felt I had little to do with that accomplishment I still decided to raise a toast of vodka.

And that very shot turned out to be the killer of my hangover. Thanks, Laurie!

Now I am somewhere in between. No more hung over but not yet drunken. Should I hit the sack or drink ahead? Suggestions are appriciated but not necessarily fulfilled.

Beer is good for your health

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 19:59 | Posted in Alcohol, beer, health, video | 5 Comments

Do-it-yourself crime investigation

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 3:09 | Posted in Alcohol, crime, social, Sweden | 1 Comment

The mother of a 14 year old in Southern Sweden was furious as her son came home heavily intoxicated, Dagens Nyhter writes. I guess every mother would be angry but not everybody would do what this mom did. She had her son call the person who had provided the booze and order another delivery. As the man arrived with the delivery, police officers entered from behind the corner and busted the dealer for illegal sales of alcoholic beverages.

The police in Lund say this was not a case of entrapment to commit a crime which is illegal in Sweden. The police deny any knowledge of the incident before the mother contacted them and say that the patrol was acting to stop a crime in progress. A senior officer described the mother’s action as a contribution by a “citizen investigator”.

This sort of citizen initiative is not uncommon in many places elsewhere but it is almost unprecedented in Sweden. Swedes are not eager to interfere if they witness a crime being committed and they also expect much of parenting to be performed by the society. I wonder if this do-it-yourself crime investigation is an isolated incident or a sign of a new attitude developing among Swedes.

Blogger meeting

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Thomas recently suggested that a blogger meeting could take place in Germany, presumably somewhere between Aachen and Heinsberg. He said he had two units of the appropriate liquid for a blogger meeting in his possession, allegedly a gift from his clients. I must admit I was tempted to agree.

As I have some boring but unavoidable business to attend to, I am unable to travel anywhere even close to that area for several weeks. But I am certainly not unable to participate in a blogger meeting the way Thomas suggested it would be featured. It just has to happen on line.

I bought two units of the above mentioned liquid today (picture above). Accordingly, both Thomas and I have the fuel necessary for the blogger meeting to take place. The technical arrangements remain to be settled.

Anybody wishing to join us in this merry enterprise is welcomed to do so. I would also be grateful to receive suggestions as to how this virtual blogger meeting could be developed to include something other than each of us consuming two units of the above mentioned liquid approximately at the same time. And hanging over tomorrow.

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