Double standards

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at 13:32 | Posted in equality, ethics, russia | Leave a comment

Jaanus seems to have caught Apple with their pants down. He has located an explicitly discriminating job ad in The ad has been taken down by now but Jaanus has saved a screen shot. The ad says: “представительная внешность, возраст от 18 до 30 лет” which translates to: “good looks, age between 18 and 30”.

Now, that would be illegal in a number of countries, including USA. I do not know if it is legal or even tolerated in Russia. The fact that Apple took the ad down might suggest the contrary but then again, it could be just because the ad received unwanted attention outside Russia.

Which ever the case, this incident clearly shows that major multinationals apply double or even triple or quadruple ethical standards. Apple would not even consider posting similar standards in an ad published in the US or in any EU country but they just did it in Russia.

Then it is quite another matter that I, aged 50, would be unlikely to actually get an Apple job even if it did not explicitly say in the job ad that applicants older than 30 need not bother. That is, of course, assuming that I had appropriate qualifications for the job in the first place.

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