Red love

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You may think so but I could not possibly comment.

Your Love Is Red

When you love someone, your love is intense and dramatic. For you, love is passion.

You enjoy seducing someone and being seduced. You like feeling romantically overwhelmed.

You’re the type of person who loves whoever you want, and you’re often drawn toward forbidden love.

You are also stubborn about getting the person you’re interested in to fall for you. You love chasing after what you want.

What Color Is Your Love?
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Differences or not?

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I am quoting Secretary Clinton according to the US State Department’s official blog (Boldface added by me.):

This follows on the work that we began over the last many months to transform the relationship between our two countries, to find common ground wherever we can, to further mutual respect and mutual interests, without in any way accepting the fact that there are not differences between us, because there are.

Wait a minute! I know that diplomatic language is tricky but this one takes the cake. There are three statements in the last boldfaced part of the sentence which are partly contradicting each other. Namely:

  1. It is a fact that there are “not differences between us“, i.e. Russia and USA.
  2. Russia and USA do not accept that fact.
  3. There are differences between Russia and USA.

So would somebody please explain whether there are differences or not and if there are not, do the two countries accept it or not. Or do they accept that there are differences but pretend there are not?

A +

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A moment  ago I was rated A +. Just so you know whose blog you are reading.

Say what! Rated? Here is the explanation:

Not serious at all. ūüôā

Get your’s here.

Sport is not serious

Friday, August 21, 2009 at 1:10 | Posted in Not serious | 2 Comments

This hilarious 45 second clip is intended for those who do not take competitive sports too seriously. I wonder if eating pea soup is considered as doping. ūüôā

via @martkase

Turning the cups

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What about turning the cups upside down? According to Onion, Mexico is building a border wall to “keep the American assholes out”. Hilarious.

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Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 0:01 | Posted in Not serious | 2 Comments

Nothing to report

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 15:08 | Posted in Not serious | Leave a comment

Sorry folks, no news today, I am afraid. ūüė¶

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Ils sont fous ces Allemands?

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Back in the good old days we used to have comic heroes like Obelix, Trubadurix, Aladobix and of course Asterix. Now we apparently have to cope with Administratix as well.

Bullocks! Ils sont fous ces Allemands?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 19:37 | Posted in e-mail, Not serious | 2 Comments

Margaret complained yesterday that German Mail have raised the postage of a letter to EU countries outside Germany and there is no 15 cent stamp to add to old 50 cent stamps to easily cover the difference. I pointed out that e-mail can still be sent without any stamp whatsoever. Or can it?

Maybe I should actually attatch a stamp to my letters, just to be on the safe side. Otherwise I might be considered to have “an dangerously relaxed attitude to risk“.

Not guilty

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I am innocent! I did not do it! I have never even seen a hillbilly (tv does not count, right?). How could I have kissed one?

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Created by OnePlusYou

Did you mean…?

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Would it not be nice if Google pointed out that you could possibly not want to search what you accidentally entered?

Better still, would you not want Google to spell out what you actually meant to type?

Just in case you thought of suing Google, I admit that these screen shots are fake and they were not generated by Google. You can make one with your own preferences at

via Aarne

Impartial poll

Friday, October 24, 2008 at 22:40 | Posted in Election, Not serious, Politics, USA | Leave a comment

An unscientific and absolutely impartial US presidential poll:

Barack or Obama?

Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 1:46 | Posted in Election, Not serious, Politics, USA | 1 Comment

I just had to ask.

German language should be banned

Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 2:32 | Posted in languages, Not serious | 9 Comments

I have always regarded the German language as a health hazard. With its mile long sentences the lingo is a major source of headache and may even contribute to an outbreak of Altzheimer’s. The most notorious abusers of the language are, of course, lawyers.

I am not at all surprised to detect (via Margaret Marks) that there are even manuals that train legal professionals to express themselves as vaguely as possible. A perfectly understandable and logical message can not be sent as it is:

Sie zahlen seit drei Monaten keine Miete. Wir sind die Anw√§lte von Herrn M√ľller und warnen Sie: Wenn Sie die 1.500 Euro bis zum 15. Dezember nicht √ľberwiesen haben, wird Herr M√ľller Ihnen fristlos k√ľndigen!

The manual shows five detailed steps to make it a source of headache. The final result looks like this:

Sehr geehrter Herr Schmitz,
wir zeigen Ihnen gegen√ľber hiermit unter anwaltlicher Versicherung ordnungsgem√§√üer Bevollm√§chtigung und unter Hinweis auf die in Kopie anliegende Vertretungsvollmacht die √úbernahme der gerichtlichen wie au√üergerichtlichen anwaltlichen Beratung und Vertretung unseres Mandanten Peter M√ľller in s√§mtlichen mietvertragsrechtlichen Angelegenheiten an. Grund unserer Einschaltung ist der Umstand, dass unsere Mandantschaft im Zusammenhang mit dem zwischen Ihnen als Mieter und unserer Mandantschaft als Vermieter am 01.06.2002 geschlossenen Mietvertrag √ľber die in der Schillerstra√üe 5, 12345 Musterstadt, 3. Obergeschoss links gelegenen Wohnmietr√§ume die Feststellung treffen musste, dass Ihrerseits bislang auf die zum 01.05., 01.06. und 01.07.2008 f√§llig gewordenen monatlichen Mietzinsraten an unsere Mandantschaft keinerlei Zahlungsleistungen erfolgt sind, weshalb wir von dieser nunmehr beauftragt wurden, Sie unter letztmaliger und nicht weiter verl√§ngerbarer Fristsetzung bis zum 15.12.2008 zur Vermeidung einer andernfalls durch uns namens und im Auftrag unserer Mandantschaft ohne weitere Vorwarnung auszusprechenden fristlosen, au√üerordentlichen K√ľndigung des zwischen Ihnen und unserer Mandantschaft bestehenden, oben n√§her bezeichneten Wohnraummietverh√§ltnisses aufzufordern, die aufgelaufenen, r√ľckst√§ndigen Mietzinszahlungen auf das Ihnen bekannte Bankkonto unserer Mandantschaft bei der Sparkasse Brotzingen, BLZ 123 456 78, Kontonummer 987 654 321 ungek√ľrzt zur Anweisung zu bringen.

I am considering to table a citizen’s motion to the EU to ban the usage of German within EU.

Am I running?

Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 10:39 | Posted in Election, Not serious, Politics | 1 Comment

Am I running for US president? I had no idea I would be. I thought one needed to be a US citizen to do that. But what do I know, maybe they amended the constitution.

Thought of running yourself? You can do it here.

via Maalainen

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