Open letter to president Obama

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Mr. President,

thank you for sending me all those e-mails through I subscribed to them all by myself and I can not blame you for spamming. Nevertheless, I have a couple of issues to talk about.

It is not that I would get too much of your mail. Not too little either. You seem to have a good balance between sending too much or too little.

The actual senders or those who I am supposed to believe are the actual senders are generally well marked. That said, when my inbox suggests that I have a letter from vice president Biden I do not think that the VP wrote that letter in person. At least he did not type it and he probably never checked the list of addressees who have opted out. I hope somebody else did.

Your secretaries of state are a frequent lot to send letters. Since I already know they did not write those letters in person I would prefer that they were signed by the persons who actually wrote them. It is a question of honesty. Can you fix that, Mr. President?

Mr President, it is a bit hard to talk to the leader of Free World about his spouse. But if you excuse me, I would rather receive notices about your whereabouts and doings than those of Mrs. O. The same goes for the vice president and doctor Biden. You and the VP elected the women you married but they were never on the ballot.

Mr President, I have heard that there is another party in the U S of A. Apparently they have something to do with a mammal that does not even exist in your part of our globe. I hope donkeys do.

Mr President, much of the mail I receive under your name is focused on re-electing you. What a waste that is. I can not vote for you although I would want to. Why don’t you send that stuff to those who are eligible to vote and are not sure yet.

One more point, Mr President. After your inauguration the White House suddenly appeared in the World Wide Web. That is good but did you have to do it the old way? I hardly need to explain this, it would be under estimating your intelligence.

Mr President, I shall be back in four years to review how you have improved during your second term. But do by all means not wait till then. You have the power to make things happen now rather than appearing to happen which you have done hitherto.

President 2.0 – Government 1.0

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This man may well be a president 2.0. Unfortunately he is still running a government 1.0 😛

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I did the German Wahl-o-Mat survey for the upcoming parliamentary election where I am not eligible to vote. I am not going to disclose my real preference but if I could vote in Germany, I would NOT vote for Die Linke, FDP, GrĂŒne, NPD, SPD or CDU/CSU in the list below. 🙂

Take care of your mother

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As a post mother’s day post I would like to urge everybody to take good care of their mother if she is still around. Below some maternal reflections from JibJab.Vodpod videos no longer available.

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On the last day of christmas

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What did your true love send to you on the last day of xmas?  I am still sick and tired about it so I only link into what appears to be the untold story of those 12 days. Forget all about xmas, forget all about Santa C.

On the last day of christmas Santa told me: “I do not exist”. Did I have to live 50 and an odd year to learn that? Or maybe I have been lied to all of those 51 years. Could Santa possibly live in Sweden or Norway? And what the heck are my two neices in Versailles being told?

Did Marie Antoinette exist? Did her husband exist? How many days are there in a christmas and should I believe what I am told?

Olympic champ not welcome to Beijing

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This just in: Olympic skating champion Joey Cheek has apparently gotten his visa cancelled. He received a phone call from the Chinese consulate in Washington just hours before he was due to fly to Beijing.

Mr. Cheek is known as a vocal critic of Chinese support to the Sudanese government’s brutal actions in Darfur.

Blog devalued

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When I checked the value of this blog last year, it was 31.409 dollars and 70 cents. Prompted by Barbara, I ran another check and was surprised to learn that the value has dropped drastically. I have no idea what happened.

My blog is worth $12,984.42.
How much is your blog worth?

British government obsoleted

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As Labour are unable to hold a seat like Glasgow East, a seat which used to be as solid as can be, I wonder if they are able to hold anything at all. Although it was no big secret before last general election that Gordon Brown would succeed Tony Blair, it was Blair and not Brown who ran for PM and was elected.

The dilemma is that the voters do not seem to trust Brown but substituting him with another unelected Prime Minister would be even less justified than the present situation. The honorable thing to do would be to call a general election right now. Labour have been in power for long enough to be corrupted by the power. And the difference between Labour as it is and Tories is like a line drawn in streaming water.

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Go away

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We just had better get used to the idea that Big Brother is watching us (via Vesa)

Kuus elurumalust

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Kukupai teeb minu kulul nalja ja tahab, et ma Tiia meemist osa vÔtaksin. Kurat! Kas ma siis peangi kuus kummalist asja oma elust leiutama? VÔi mÀletan tagasi oma variisiku(te) elule?

1. Porilaste marss

Kuigi ma pole ĂŒhegi vabariigi president, on mul praegu Tulirebases laekuva kirja mĂ€rguandeks esimesed sekundid Porilaste marssist. Soomes on see marss proua Halosele kui Vabariigi Presidendile ette nĂ€htud. VĂ”iks muide panna number kaheks, et Tarja on esimene riigipea maailmas, kellega ma sinapeal olen ja seda juba 35 aastat. President Ilvesega loodan kunagi sinapeale saada. Kuna see asjaolu aga sai kĂ”rvallauses nimetatud, mĂ”tlen kenasti viis jĂ€rgnevat numbrit vĂ€lja.

2. Juuksed

Need on mul vĂ€ga pikad. Eelmine kord kĂ€isin juuksuris umbes kuus aastat tagasi (nagu siiagi peab kuus viperdust kirjutama). Kuidas ma neid korras hoian, jĂ€tan aga enda teada. MĂ”ned sĂ”brad on nĂ€inud. Pilti ĂŒles ei pane, kuigi seegi on mul olemas.

3. Viina viskamine ja muu alkohoolindus

Viina ja Ôlut joon ma agaralt. Ega teisiti elada ei saakski.

4. Suitsu tÔmbamine

TĂ€nases maailmas peetakse suitsetamist patuks. Aga minu lapsepĂ”lves kuldsetel 60nendatel oli see ise enesest mĂ”istetav. Siis suitsetas oletuslikult igaĂŒks ja kĂŒlaliste jaoks tuhatoosi puudumist peeti ebaviisakaks. Õpisin tol ajal suitsetama ja tĂ€nini pole maha jĂ€tnud.

5. Heteroseksuaalsus

Mulle on alati naised meeldinud ja meeldivad ka edasi. Sallin teistsuguse kalduvusega inimesi, kuid eeldan ka sallivust enda vastu.

6. Mis kuues?

Ei tule meelde kuuedant asja, millest siin kirjutada vĂ”iks. Ega sellist jĂ€relikult ei olegi. PĂŒĂŒdsin kĂŒll sellest mĂ”elda.

Belgium sues Sweden for Big Brother law

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The Belgian Privacy Commission intends to sue Sweden in the European Court after Sweden adopted legislation allowing their military intelligence service FRA to monitor without explicite court order all phone and web communications passing the Swedish borders. Here is a Belgian TV news story about the Swedish legislation and the outrage it has prompted among Belgian privacy advocates (via projO).

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Finland’s largest e-mail service provider Sonera Finland moved in April 2008 the accounts of their Finnish customers back to Finland from the joined Sweden based servers of Telia-Sonera. “We decided to move Sonera’s e-mail services back to Finland in order to protect the privacy of our Finnish customers. After the migration, e-mails sent from one Finn to another will not cross Finland’s borders at any stage”, says Juha-Pekka Weckström, Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera Broadband Services Finland.

A major part of international calls and web connections in Finland and Estonia are routed through Sweden. While the Swedish legislation has passed almost unnoticed and undebated in Estonia, Finnish MP Jyrki Kasvi tabled a written parliamentary question to the Minister of Telecommunications asking what the government intend to do to protect the privacy of Finnish citizens, residents and businesses. The freshly adopted Swedish legislation provides the Swedish military intelligence a multitude of access to telecommunications of Finns and Estonians that the Finnish and Estonian intelligence agencies dare not even dream of.

Sweden’s Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge has a good post in English explaining the details of the Swedish Big Brother law.

Wireless desktop

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I bought a wireless card with USB access to enable using my home wifi network on my desktop computer. There are directions in detail on how to make it work under Linux but the card seems to be able to connect without installing the driver. Which is fine because this enables me to move both the desk and the desktop to a more sensible place in my apartment. 18,90 € is not much for a refurnish which makes sense.

Still no goal

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Still no goal between Portugal and Turkey at 58 minutes into the game, apart from the offside goal at first half.

I wonder if this should have been a penalty:

Hung over in London

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Thousands of Londoners apparently had a heavy party during the weekend. There is no doubt something very British about organizing a binge drinking party to celebrate the introduction of an alcohol ban in the underground. One might ask, though, if it was worth the hangover and indeed if any point at all was made and if so, was there any point in it?

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Stinking rich

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Unless the US $ is going to dive real deep and/or the creators of this web test are pulling my leg, I am going to be rich. Can I get some advance? Well, I was just asking, no need to be rude.

via Aarne

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