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On Monday I urged everybody to watch Fitna by Geert Wilders before passing a judgement about the film, just so that everybody would know first hand what they are talking about. I just did that. It is a shocking film but it is not something which would justify censorship of any sort.

The film includes some very shocking scenes and images including footage of the Twin Tower Crash, the Madrid subway explosions and some executions. If you are sensitive about extreme violence you should not watch the film. If you think you can cope with that sort of material, watch it by all means.

Most of the film actually consists of Quran quotes and statements made by islam fundamentalists. There is a tendency of emphasizing views of extremists who wish to impose strict interpretation of sharia allover the World regardless of religion or believe. Mr Wilders carefully avoids mentioning that far from all muslims want to force their religious beliefs on others and that is the week point of the movie. Just as “exporting islam” by force is flat wrong, it is equally wrong to suggest that all muslims would want to export it by force.

Fitna is by no means an objective film and it does not even seek to be objective. It is a strong statement which we may not agree with but nevertheless a statement made within frames of freedom of speech. Which is why I do not understand why Mr. Wilders’s domain is still blocked by Network Solutions.

Dispite its shortcomings the film is not offensive but it is shocking. It is here for you to watch if you think you are comfortable with watching. You have been warned about violent scenes and images.

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Edit: Unfortunately LiveLeak staff members have received serious threats of violence which is why they have decided to pull off Fitna. Not only is threatening flat wrong, trying to stop people from seeing this controversial film and making up their own mind about it is totally against every notion of freedom of speech. At the end of the day, those responsible of these coward threats are explicitly damaging the World wide muslim community as the threads tend to increase prejudice about them as untolerant people.

The Internet can not be censored. Here is Fitna through YouTube.


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