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Carol Thatcher describes how she detected that her mother, former British PM Margaret Thatcher has a dementia. I have a very personal reason to express my sympathy to Ms Thatcher: my mother, who is just three years younger than Margaret Thatcher, had similar symptoms approximately at the same time and was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s decease is the most common reason for dementia.

As a comfort to Carol Thatcher, as well as for myself, I can say that while watching our beloved ones suffer dementia is a very painful experience, the patients themselves tend to feel happy about their general condition. Although it will not help Mrs. Thatcher or my mother, I hope that stem cell research and other medical research are eventually going to discover a cure for dementia. Taking in consideration that a large part of the World’s population is aging rapidly, a breakthrough would bring releaf for billions of people allover the World.

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