Careless parking

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Indrek’s parking photo blog displays loads of evidence about careless parking in Tallinn but it looks like the parking situation is not very orderly in Germany either. At least according to these two snaps in André’s blog.

Wrong parking in Tallinn

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Indrek in Tallinn is annoyed by drivers who park their vehicle carelessly. To tell the truth, the parking culture in the Estonian capital can not be described as very civilized. It is not that there would be lack of parking space in Tallinn, some drivers just seem to think that parking rules are for somebody else and they do not mind to get a parking ticket.

The most common and at the same time most irritating and arrogant way of false parking in Tallinn is to park in a space designated to disabled persons in front of a shopping mall entrance. Not only are those drivers, mostly young and healthy persons, being selfish and arrogant, they also make it harder for somebody with a handicap to access those malls. You would be most likely to spot an expensive car of the latest model in that kind of a parking space, crying out loud: “I am young and healthy and I have money so I do not care.”

Image: Indrek ‘BC’, Tallinn Estonia. Rights: Creative Commons

Being tired all of this, Indrek started to photograph the notorious parkers in Tallinn. As Indrek is an active photographer, it provided him as much of artistic pleasure as a notion of doing something about what he was feeling to be utterly wrong. Yesterday, he published the first pictures of parking hooligans in Tallinn in a brand new photo blog entitled Wrong parking. The blog is accessable in

While hooligan parkers in Tallinn are not likely to be discouraged by the minimal price of the parking ticket, the prospect of being exposed in Indrek’s photo blog in a country with high Internet usage rate may just turn out to be the first step in improving the negligent traffic culture. Their message hitherto has been that they are rich and healthy. Indrek’s response is that they are jerks as well which just might trigger a second thought.

Indrek is also interested in sharing his blog space. Community response does not necessarily have to be limited to one town and one country. If you have pictures about hooligan parkers elsewhere, you may want to contact Indrek if you would like to share them. Just e-mail him at voyag[at] You would know which sign to put instead of the [at].

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