Political Compass revisited

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Last time I did the Political Compass Test was a bit more than three years ago. This is the result I got back then, together with coordinates of then US presidential candidates:

I did the test again today with a somewhat different result:

It looks like I have become a bit more libertarian (a slide from -6,82 to -7,18) and quite a bit more left-leaning (from -3,50 to -5,38). What has happened in the mean time, one might wonder. Have I changed or has the World around me changed?

Probably both. I do not remember how I answered the individual questions last time but my basic values have certainly not changed as much as the result might indicate. I have certainly gained a few years worth of experience which may have contributed that I have put those questions in a different context than three years ago. Then again, the World has also taken a few steps ahead from that time.

The more I see various governments trying to regulate life of citizens, the less I tend to trust them. That would explain the slight shift towards a libertarian direction. The left slide is a bit more difficult to understand. Maybe it is that the economic crisis was not exactly caused by too much of governmental regulation of the market but rather by lack of it. While I trust governments less than I used to, I definitely also trust corporate businesses much less. When the economy was booming, they did not want the governments around but as soon as they fucked up the economy, they cried for the governments to bail them out.

As always, I regard this sort of tests as entertainment  rather than science. Also, some of the questions were not very accurate and the difference between agree/disagree and strongly agree/strongly disagree is not very big.

Kucinich and Gravel at my field quarter

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I spotted at Chawed Rosin an image of the political compass scores of each of the US presidential hopefuls. Since I happened to take the very same test the other day through my Facebook profile, I inserted my own score (Left/Right: -3.50, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.82) into the same image. This is how I seem to compare to the candidates:

Looks like Mick Gravel and Dennis Kucinich are the only two of the bunch who manage to place themselves at the same field quarter with me. I was no longer surprised for the outcome since Kucinich also topped the result I got from both Candidate Calculator and Presidential Candidate Selector. As for Gravel, he was close to top in Candidate Calculator but somewhere in the mid region in Presidential Candidate Selector.

As usual I want to point out that this sort of surveys should only be considered as web entertainment. I would never consider casting a vote according to a survey score (even if I had one in this particular election). That said, my interest in these two fellows has been awaken.

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