Chomutov exposes German johns

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Citizens of the Czech town of Chomutov are fed up with mainly German motorists picking up prostitutes in Lipska street downtown. Chomutov police department have now placed cameras in the area. Photos of prostitutes entering cars are since a fortnight being exposed in the web with little discretion.

A note in both Czech and German spells out the nature of the traffic: “Auf dieser Seite sehen Sie Aufnahmen von Fahrzeugen in denen eine Prostituierte einsteigt um sexuelle Dienste anzubieten.” Neither registration plates nor faces of the johns are shown but mayor Jan Rehak is convinced that the measure will work. “Every woman recognizes his husband’s car,” the mayor says.

A by the hour car rental business around the corner might bring in good revenue.

via Dagens Nyheter

I am not a pimp

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Somebody just googled their way here with this search argument:

Rostock, Germany prostitutes

Since I am not a pimp, I must ask you to search elsewhere.

Working girls allowed to advertise in German tabloids

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The German Supreme Court has ruled that ads for sexual services in tabloid papers are legal as long as they are not disturbing or promote explicit sexual services in a shocking way. Prostitution is legal in Germany.

Some tabloid papers had been sued by owners of a bar that provides prostitutes and their clients a chance to establish contacts. While the complaint was motivated with public order legislation, the actual reason behind it could easily be quessed as a fear of competiton for their business.

As this lengthy article in brandeins Online explains in detail, small ads by prostitutes are an essential source of revenue both for the prostitutes and the papers. These ads are estimated to make up 10-15 %, sometimes even 20 % of the tabloids’ ad sales. A prostitute could easily increase her business by 400 € with an ad of 70 €.

The article points out that the sex ads are sometimes in sharp conflict with the editorial contents of the papers. There are also detailed lists of allowed and forbidden expressions. Interestingly, an ad saying “I want to fu.. you” would not be allowed in most papers while “I want to you” would be no problem.

via lawblog and elbelaw

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