Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04

Friday, April 25, 2008 at 6:53 | Posted in computer, linux, ubuntu | Leave a comment

I just upgraded both of my computers to Ubuntu 8.04. In the desktop the upgrade went without problems, other than it took several hours to download. The download was much faster for my laptop but after the upgrade I received an error message saying that my system may be unusable. After a restart it seems to work normally, though.

I have not had much chance to evaluate the new goodies. Tracker Searh Tool is fantastic, I can say that much. After indexing the files it finds all files where a searched word occurs. F-Spot photo manager looks interesting as well. The export tool seems to be able among other things to upload pictures to Flickr, Picasa Web and other places but I have not yet tried it.

I am looking forward to getting used to the new features in Hardy Heron. And I hope that no hidden problems are going to appear in my laptop.

In anticipation of Ubuntu 8.04

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 16:12 | Posted in computer, linux, ubuntu | Leave a comment

In anticipation of Ubuntu 8.04 to be released on 24th April I just completed three consecutive system upgrades. My laptop was ready for the upgrade next month for ages ago but my desktop this morning still ran under 6.06 which is why I first had to upgrade to 6.10, then to 7.04 and finally to 7.10. The operation took about five hours.

The first upgrade to 6.10 presented minor problems. I had to comment some entries in /etc/apt/sources.list and run the upgrade again. Once I had pulled it through I did not uncomment those entries until 7.10 was up and running. Hence the upgrades from 6.10 onwards went smooth albeit the speed could have been faster.

So far everything is fine. All my data and settings have been imported. Just cannot wait to upgrade both desktop and laptop to 8.04.

Unable to upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10

Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 8:13 | Posted in computer, linux, ubuntu | 20 Comments
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I have tried to upgrade from Ubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 for a couple of days now but have so far not succeeded in doing so. First I thought it was the crowded servers but now during early morning hours here in Europe, the upgrade proceeded considerably faster than hitherto but hooked up at exactly the same point as before. The upgrade does not go further than fetching the files because three files can apparently not be found. The error message (the same every time) says:

Failed to fetch http://wine.lowvoice.nl/apt/dists/feisty/Release.gpg Could not resolve ‘wine.lowvoice.nl’
Failed to fetch http://wine.lowvoice.nl/apt/dists/feisty/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz2 Could not resolve ‘wine.lowvoice.nl’
Failed to fetch http://wine.lowvoice.nl/apt/dists/feisty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz Could not resolve ‘wine.lowvoice.nl’

I do not get it. There is nothing wrong with the network connection at my end. Also, the repository wine.lowvoice.nl is opted for as this screen shot shows:

I am less than enthusiastic about the prospective of having to make a clean install. While my important files are all in the web, there is quite a lot of software and personal installations which I am not too eager to start from scratch. Nevertheless, I have no idea as to what I could possibly do other than a clean install.

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