Real life is harmful

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Related to a discussion about winter weather and road conditions, I searched up a post in this blog a few years back. Embedded in the post is a YouTube video about slippery road conditions in Seattle. The video shows cars bumping into each other as drivers in Seattle are not accustomed to snow and ice on the streets and accordingly have no idea of the appropriate usage of winter tires.

As I tried to watch the video I was encountered with this screen, much to my amazement:

Come on, YouTube! Consequences of human behaviour are often harmful and driving on an icy street without proper tires can certainly have harmful effects but I am buffed to learn that YouTube has a policy of banning coverage of real life situations as they may occur. They obviously have a lot of censoring to be done to turn 100 % of the content into harmless fairy tale with no connection to real life.

Oh, and while I am at it, how harmful is the activity depicted in this clip, so far unbanned and watched by more than 100.000 times? I am adding a screan capture just in case the clip gets removed.

Smoking in bed

Upside down

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I embedded a video a while ago about traffic chaos caused by unexpected snow fall in a city where it does not snow too often. As it eventually turned out the footage was from Seattle.

This fresh footage (via Barbara) is from Madrid a week ago. Unlike drivers in Seattle, drivers in Madrid seem to be reasonably well in control of the unusual road conditions. That said, several highways around Madrid were closed to cope with the snow, according to eSpanien.

Meanwhile here in Helsinki where that kind of weather would be normal this time of the year, we have just 2 degrees below freezing point and a very thin, almost non-existing snow layer on the ground. Looks like the weather map has been turned upside down.

Heard of winter tires?

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The summer is almost knocking on the door and this year we had a winter that never really took place but on the whole we usually have a real winter every year which also includes slippery road conditions. I do not know where this video clip has been shot but it must be somewhere where snow and icy roads are not a regular feature. Apparently these drivers have never heard of such a thing as winter tires.


Prayer or government?

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A series of powerful tornadoes have caused substantial damage and a large number of casualties in southern parts of US:

In Washington, President George W. Bush offered prayers and disaster relief for the victims.

“Prayers can help, and so can the government,” Bush said. “I do want the people in those states that the American people are standing with them.”

Baring in mind the US government’s response to Katrina a couple of years ago, or absence of response, I wonder which help is going to arrive sooner, that of the government or a miracle prompted by prayers.

Edit: The American Red Cross have set up a blog for information on the Red Cross response: I should have remembered there was a third option available for those in need of help.

Unusual weather conditions

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Unusual subzero temperatures and snow cause chaos and even death in southern and eastern China.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from

Meanwhile here in Helsinki, we should be approaching the peak of winter but this was the view outside my window a moment ago. The temperature is + 3.3 °C with light rain. There are just remains of the snow which landed last week.

Will Google deliver?

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I am anxious to see if Google is going to deliver the good weather they promised a moment ago. This is what my local weather man says at this moment:

It says 5,7 degrees Celsius, mostly cloudy with occasional rain showers. Looking out through my window, I can confirm that this matches with the reality.

However, a moment ago I visited my personalized Google home page. There was a box that promised to show my local weather if I entered my postal code in it. I had my doubts but decided to take my chances. Maybe I would get better weather from Google. And this is what the big G returned:

I could be expecting temperatures between 74 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be between 23 and 29 Celsius. I could also expect partly cloudy weather with a humidity of 52 %.

Google seems to be under the impression that I live in San Jose, Puerto Rico. That would also explain why my Google home page language was automatically changed from Finnish to English right after the weather forecast. I am glad it was not Spanish because I am not very fluent in Spanish.

So I am going to look for my summer clothes and prepare for the nice weather that Google promised to deliver. They are going to deliver, I take it?

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