Winter belated

Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 2:53 | Posted in helsinki, tallinn | Leave a comment

Image: E v a under Creative Commons License (via Jens-Olaf)

Just as in Tallinn (image), a snow storm left Helsinki covered with more snow than we have had during all of this exceptionally mild winter. There has not been a winter to talk about as the temperature has never stayed below freezing point long enough so that any snow would have stayed. And now that the spring is supposed to be around the corner we get the lot of it during 24 hours.

In early February, which normally would have been the peak of the winter, the ground was bare, the temperature went up to + 10 °C and some early flowers made a premature attempt to blossom. As everybody thought that this would be one of those rare winters that never came, spring season preparations were being made as can be seen in the picture above. This late winter is particularly bad for the business of bars and pubs, thanks to anti smoking laws both in Estonia and Finland. Who would want to have a pint and a fag at an outdoor table under such weather conditions?

While kids and cross country skiing enthusiasts certainly say better late than not at all, I hope this misplaced winter would go away rather soon than late. Be it cold or warm, some sort of stability and predictability in weather conditions would be appreciated.

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