Who the hell is Larko?

Guess what I like!

For some odd reason that I do not understand at all, some people are curious to find out information about my humble person. What exactly they want to learn, I do not know. Apart from the fact that I am absolutely not an interesting person, I like to keep some things private.

But since one must apparently leave some personal information to satisfy this sort of a bizarre curiosity, I have chosen to put small pieces of it all over the Internet rather than collect it to one single web page. So I can always say to anybody who is asking that it is all there in the web, just look for it. I just let it be unsaid that it would take quite a few days to comb it through even working full time because I have written a few thousand pages of articles, blog posts, poems, comments, tweets, status updates and other stuff like that since the beginning of this millenium. And you would have to understand more languages than just two or three.

By the way, you would probably never guess what my favourite drink is. I can tell you that it is neither tea nor milk. And you may not be very surprised to hear that I really enjoyed visiting Burton many many years ago. I went there in the sole purpose of exploring the Bass Museum and some very interesting pubs.

If you really want or need to know what I do when not trying to look like a smart ass you should have a look at my professional. site.


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  1. Would like to have sent you an email but there isn’t one at your site. Can I bitch to you about living in Germany? I don’t know how it happens but it just comes out of me. Living in Germany has been a big mistake and I have to eventually find a way to stop bitchin about it because I’m stuck here for a while. Interested in a long, perhaps boring, read of my most recent bitchin about Germany… and Michael Schumacher?
    I hope I don’t offend anyone.

  2. Tommi, during my years in the blogosphere I have learned (the hard way) that publishing your real email address in the web is not a good idea. ūüôā However, you should have received mail from me by now.

  3. do you have an idee why your blog in in top5 by me?

    http://blog.mobbing-gegner.de/ left side at the bottom

  4. You mean as a refferer? Maybe people clicked to links in my dynamic blogroll.

  5. […] man wunderbar Quatsch machen, mit Larko kann man über ernsthafte Dinge „reden“; nur eines darf man nicht: Larko auf dem Handy anrufen. Kunden, die diesen Artikel lasen, interessierten sich auch f√ľr das Thema Schr√∂der des […]

  6. […] the way, thanks for reminding that I needed to update this page. I threw out my cell phone a year […]

  7. What nationality is the name Larko?

  8. I do not know if it can be tied to any particular nationality. If you put it into Google you will find that it appears allover the World. I think it is pretty abstract.

  9. […] englanninkielinen teksti on minun kirjoittamani ja vastaa tarkoittamaani paremmin kuin “k√§√§nn√∂s”: For some […]

  10. Hey, my sister happened upon your site. If you are still around…..we are looking for lost relatives.

  11. Not very likely, I am afraid. Larko is a nickname that my late father used to have as a short form of our family name Larkovirta. I used to be Larko junior but I dropped the junior as my father died.

  12. May I ask what your father’s first name was? Do you know if he ever lived in Rhode Island?

  13. Sure, My father was Yrjö and he was never in America, not even visiting.

  14. We do have, however, some distant relatives in US, at least in Washington state and possibly in mid west. They would have another family name, though. Their ancestors moved to America for about 100 years ago and as far as I know, the closest family tie was that one of them was a cousin (or second cousin) of my late grandmother. She died for 46 years ago so I can unfortunately not ask her. I still have an elderly aunt who would be likely to remember something if I get the chance to talk to her.

  15. Hei Larko!
    Toivottavasti Sinulle kuuluu hyvää!
    Kiistelty sähköpostisalaisuuskeskustelu ei oikein ottanut tulta, vaikka kuinka provoisoimme aikoinaan, puolin ja toisin. Auttamatta vanhentunut kirjeenvaihtomme tulee nimelläni googlatessa edelleen ensimmäiseksi ja pyytäisinkin Sinua poistamaan ainakin oman osuuteni internetin tiedostoista.
    Kiitos jo etukäteen!
    Päivänpaistetta toivotellen, Anne

  16. Se kirjeenvaihto ei todellakaan ole oleellinen joten poistin sen. Kestää tosin hiukan aikaa ennen kuin se katoaa Googlen puskurimuistista.

    Muualla blogeissani on viitattu vain aikanaan Alueuutisissa ilmestyneeseen kirjoitukseen. Näin ollen olen poistanut niistä vain linkit poistamaani kirjeenvaihtoon.

  17. Hieno homma, kiitos!

  18. […] periaate lipsahtelisi pahasti. N√§in ollen sovellan teht√§v√§√§ linkkaamalla sivulle, josta l√∂ytyy joitain faktoja minusta. Jos nuo faktat eiv√§t jollekulle riit√§, toivotan antoisaa […]

  19. […] Mit Larko kann man wunderbar Quatsch machen, mit Larko kann man √ľber ernsthafte Dinge “reden”; nur eines darf man nicht: Larko auf dem Handy anrufen. […]

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