Download the annual review of the Estonian Security Police

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at 15:43 | Posted in Estonia, information | 10 Comments

The Estonian Security Police KAPO recently published their annual review of 2006. It is an interesting reading as always and widely commented by media. While the review is a public document, it is not quite simple to get hold of.

I accidentally happened to stumble on two pdf files.The English edition is here and the Estonian version here. How they came into my possession is a matter of confidentiality between a journalist and his source.

Although the 40 page document was drafted before the riots in Tallinn at the end of last month, it gives you an accurate background to the events. It also offers detailed explanations about the Russian government’s strategies and methods of their operations. This also puts the cyber attacks into a perspective.

Update: Since KAPO have released the Estonian version on their own web site, I took it down. I am happy that the joint efforts of bloggers in Estonia and elsewhere have contributed to a reconsideration by KAPO. Public documents must be availbale for members of public.

I am happy to take down the English version as well, as soon as KAPO will have it in their web site.

Update: KAPO have now released also the English version. It is downloadable as a pdf file on their web site. Therefore, I am also taking it down as obsolete.



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  1. Hi!

    I am writing on behalf of our client Kapo. Would you please be so kind and block the downloading access to kapo’s yearbook, since we ( the advertising agency that has done this yearbook) and our client haven’t given any permission to put these up. Estonian websites have already taken these editions down. Thank you very much!

    Evely Ventsli
    Project manager
    Smile Group

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  3. […] Üks koht, kust seda praegusel hetkel veel leida võib, on siin: “Download the annual review of the Estonian Security Police“. […]

  4. Kommenteerin siis eesti keeles siia juba, kui sa midagi rohkem teada saad, kommenteeri minu blogis, saan enda serverisse ka üles lükata selle populaarse kirjandusteose 😛

  5. Muidugi kommenteerin jõudumööda ka teiste juures kuid kardan et juhul kui asi madinaks läheb ei jõua seda ulatuslikult teha. Seega on operatiivinfot universaalkeeles lihtsaim siit otsida, maakeeli postitan vastavas kohas ning selle peegelsaidil.

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  7. […] Download the annual review of the Estonian Security Police The Estonian Security Police KAPO recently published their annual review of 2006. It is an interesting reading as […] […]

  8. This was great information. I learned something about the sophistication of the Estonians as well. I expected old-style Soviet ugliness and a ham-fisted approach to law and order. It was reassuring to see a former Eastern Bloc country making such gains.

  9. While I agree on what you are saying, Rational, I can not help that I feel buzzed that the KAPO are intimidating me for having their review available for you, quoting copyright which they do not have on a public document. Had they put it up themselves as the Estonian law requires, the issue of copyright would never have raised.

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