Lech Kaczyński is a prick

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It would not be very polite to say that George W Bush is a prick but it would be everybody’s constitutional right to say so both in the USA and elsewhere. I am also within my rights to freedom of speech by saying that the Polish president Lech Kaczyński is a prick. However, I could face prison by making such a statement in Poland.

Google Blogscoped quotes an article in the Polish quality newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza as translated by Ludwik Trammer:

Young internet geek is facing up to 3 years in prison. The man is accused of insulting president Lech Kaczyński.

The young man is said to have written a piece of software creating a Googlebomb to the Polish president’s web site with the keyword “kutas” which is Polish for penis. The article does not reveal technical details which makes the existence of a software somewhat questionable. Most of us know how to make a Googlebomb just by using search anchors although Google claims to have neutralized the bombs. Software or not, the links provided in comments to the entry in Google Blogscoped confirm that a Googlebomb did indeed exist.

The discussion in the comments also reveals that there is a seldom used piece of legislation in Poland which protects the honor of the president and apparently also that of heads of states in other countries and enforces restrictions to freedom of speech. It would technically be illegal in Poland to say that George W Bush is a prick but his honor would be less likely to be protected by Polish police and prosecutors than that of prick President Kaczyński or indeed Rev. Josef Ratzinger in his capacity of head of state in a country called the Vatican.

I am going to watch closely what will happen to the young man who used a Google bomb to make a controversial point. I am also using my own blog space to say that president Lech Kaczyński and his twin brother Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczyński are pieces of a prick and I hope that both of them will eventually be voted out of office. I may or may not enter Poland to see if I am going to be arrested for this statement.

Polish German breast relations

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Is this an accurate description of the current relations between Poland and Germany? The Polish magazine Wprost seems to think so as this is their latest front page image.

I do not think much of the Kaczynski brothers but this looks like a bit too much even for them.

via 3-Bein Peter

No entrance without a condom

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The Estonian paper Postimees quotes Polish customs officials as saying that Polish truck drivers are not being allowed into Belarus if they are unable to present a condom at the Belarus customs. Truck drivers entering Belarus through the Polish town of Terespol report that the condom must be in their mandatory first aid kit. Marzena Siemieniuk, spokes person of the local customs, confirms that the Polish customs have heard about many similar incidents.

Belarus diplomats in Poland say that there is no law requiring a condom. According to truck drivers, a condom is required when driving from Poland to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad but it is very rarely controlled.

Welcome to this century

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The BBC writes that the notorious Polish president Lech Kaczynski has urged EU to review its policy against death penalty. Mr. Kaczynski may not have noticed it but the rest of Europe had that debate already in 1960’ies. It is no longer an issue at this century.

The BBC article notes that the Polish president “advocates traditional catholic values”. The Spanish Inquisiton also used to be a catholic value with a wide influence in Europe. But the Spaniards are no doubt as little enthusiastic as the rest of EU to go back to those times.

Maybe with the exception of Lech Kaczynski. Jeszcze Polska nie zginela?

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